ARCANE ANALOG FLESH EATER (Shin Ei Superfuzz Tribute)

Image of ARCANE ANALOG FLESH EATER (Shin Ei Superfuzz Tribute)

$174.99 - On Sale

What we have here are tributes to the mighty Shin Ei Superfuzz! These are pretty much stock circuits with the exception of the removal of the tone switch and the addition of a tone pot. This provides much more flexibility and stock tones at the extreme of the tone knob.

These are built using quality components with carefully selected transistors. Much like the etched artwork, the Flesh Eater is a mean and aggressive beast and they are not for the faint of heart.

These can be made stock or adjusted for increased output upon request. I have not drilled the DC jack and the in/out jacks yet. I will leave the placement of those up to the player. These do not come with LEDs nor battery clips.

These come with a one year parts and labour warranty with the purchaser responsible for any and all shipping costs associated with the repair.

Build time is 4-6 weeks. Please send me a message if you wish to order a pedal.